organic shoes, Sustainable shoes
Organic shoes, Sustainable shoes
Organic Shoes, Sustainable shoes
Organic Shoes, Sustainable shoes
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Behind the (neon) 
A sneaker for jumping off cliffs, riding 100 mph down a country road, making endless memories with friends and families, reaching your goals, seeing the world. The (neon) is a reminder; to live vibrantly, to never hide who we are, and to live this one life the best way we can.

These eco-friendly shoes are made with 100% sustainably sourced and organic materials, and developed to help protect Peru's indigenous people from exploitation.

Wear these sophisticated streetwear staples to support your dynamic style. Let your feet feel West Coast freedom with each step.


  • Constructed with 100% organic, sustainably harvested cotton from the Solo y San Miguel regions of Peru, supporting indigenous people squeezed out of economic opportunity.
  • Colored with all 100% organic plant dyes, so your toes never touch toxic chemicals.
  • Inspiring soles made with sustainably-harvested Amazonian Sharinga rubber, to help extend the lifetime of the shoe's custom treads. 
  • Absolutely zero plastic or synthetic materials are used in the shoe construction, so the shoe is bio-degradable and will compose within your lifetime.

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